Fin design with v1.1

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This article describes the old desktop editor which is replaced by the web app at
All functionality described below is still available in the new app.

finFoil v1.1 has been released! This version brings some powerful new features and possiblilities. This posts summarizes the most important ones.
Download v1.1 here

Online editor compatibility

Release v1.1 speaks the same language as our online editor! But don’t fear, the files created with v1.0 should still open without any issue.
Now you can use the powerful editing features of the desktop app, and share your fins with your friends through the online editor after uploading them.
Share them through the unique 3D viewer’s URL

Direct STL export

Exporting STL files got easier. There is no need to browse to the STL export page anymore. STL files can now be exported directly from the desktop app.

Outline and profiles export

Have you ever wanted to reuse your perfectly designed foil profile in another fin? That’s now possible with the all the extra export & import options.

Continuous curves

Right clicking on a pathpoint allows you to force continuity in that point. This makes it easy to achieve nice continuous profiles.

Minimum thickness

You might have noticed this feature in the online editor. But now it’s also available in the desktop app! This feature allows you to design a perfect foil profile with a very sharp trailing edge, while making sure that the 3D version never get’s thinner than this measure.

import/export options continuity option

Happy fin building!