Surf fin templates

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Printable surf fin templates are readily available online on web sites like blending curves. These templates are really nice and can be imported into finfoil for further editing. However, these pdf’s lack some features that are just as important as the outline shape for accurate fin building.

fin print preview

Layer contours

Fins are often made from layered panels like fiberglass panels or plywood. When foiling these panels, contours of the layers start to appear. Getting these layers into the correct shape is considered the art of foiling. Because of all the guesswork, only few hand foilers manage to give their fins a proper foil profile. The printable fin templates include contours to help you foil your fins more accurately! They read like a topographic map, once you’ve learned how to read them, your foil jobs will improve.

topographic map

Fin bases

Fin bases (US, FCS, Futures, …) are rarely include in printable templates. Especially when you’re trying to figure out the placement of your fins inside your fin panels, having the base in your template simplifies the job considerably. finfoil allows you to choose and position your finbase and printing the template exactly to your fin’s design. And even the cheapest finfoil license gives you access to an unlimited amount of printable surf fin templates.

Panel placement

Placing fins on a panel can be a labour intesive job. Even worse is determining the minimum size of the finpanel that will just fit the fins you’re planning to build. The fin panel optimizer simplifies this job. After designing your fins with the base included, just specify the max panel size and the distance to leave between the fins and run an extensive fit. The extensive fit results in 3 panels optimized in a different way.

  • Panel 1: fits as many fins as possible in the given space.
  • Panel 2: fits as many fins as possible in an area using the full width but not the full height. Which can be handy for cloth cutting.
  • Panel 3: packs the fins as close to possible in an area smaller than the given space. Which is handy to determine the optimal panel size.

After optimization you can print the panel or even get a 3D export, or you can just use the image as a reference on how the fins can be placed.

fin panel optimizer

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