Custom surf fin

Starting at €190,00

A unique custom wooden surf fin tailored at your conditions and surf style. These use the most advanced hydrodynamic profiles available, that are made to high precision using the help of CNC machines. Your logo can be casted in using transparant resin. Price is determined by size and extras, order a full panel for more competitive prices.


Full panel of fins

Finished: €800,00
Glass-on: €400,00
Multiple panels: get a quote!

Ordering a full panel reduces the prices of fins considerably. A panel can contain around 18 thruster fins (6 sets), or 8 single fins (*). Order them finished for fins that fit straight into your board's finboxes. Or as glass-on for wooden fins without fiberglass to glass on to your boards.

* fin panel yield varies based on size and shape, get in contact for a quote!

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